Items containing plants or seeds

If you order plants or propagating material (seeds, bulbs, scions, etc.) from outside the EU, ensure that you receive a phytosanitary certificate with your item. It is not permitted to order plants without the certificate from countries outside the EU. Plants and propagating material are also inspected when the item arrives in Finland. Order an import inspection from the Finnish Food Authority. The inspection is subject to a charge.

Links for ordering import inspections

A phytosanitary certificate is also required for all fresh parts of a plant, such as cut flowers, fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs. Please also note that the import of certain plants from outside the EU is completely prohibited. There is a ban on the import of, for example, coniferous plants, citrus trees and host plants of fire blight, such as apple trees and pear trees.

See more detailed instructions on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.