Handling fee for items requiring customs clearance

Handling fee for items requiring customs clearance

Posti’s handling fee only applies to goods whose value exceeds EUR 22 arriving from outside the EU or from special areas of the EU’s Excise Duty and Value-Added Taxation Area that require customs clearance and that are subject to customs duties and taxes. Pay the handling fee within 20 days of receiving the notice of arrival.

Pay the handling fee to Posti 

EUR 2.90 per individual item. Payment methods: debit and credit cards.

How to pay the handling fee

1) Enter the item ID in the field above and click the “Find the item” button. 2) If the item is waiting for the payment of the handling fee, click the “Pay” button. 3) Fill your payment card information and make the payment. 4) After succeed payment, save or print a receipt. 5) Also remember the item’s customs clearance! The item will be released only after it has been cleared and the Customs has released it. Read more about customs clearance.

Questions about the handling fee?

When is customs clearance required? When do you need to pay Posti’s handling fee? Read the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Essential information about the handling fee