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Handling fee for items requiring customs clearance

Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Handling fee for items requiring customs clearance

Handling fee applies to all goods outside the EU fiscal territory which requires presentation to customs and have attracted customs charges or any other similar charge.

The fee is EUR 2.90 per individual item. Available payment methods: Visa and MasterCard (debit and credit).

You have received notification about required handling fee in the notification of the arrival either in paper form or electronically. Taxes and duties as well as handling fee must be paid within 20 days of item’s arrival. Uncleared and/or item waiting for handling fee will be returned to the sender. Read detailed information about the handling fee.

The fee is a one-time fee for an item that has arrived in Finland and been directed to customs clearance. The handling fee is not refunded.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Fill item id to the field below and press “Find a item” button.

  2. If the item is waiting for declaration, press “Pay” button and proceed to the payment

  3. Fill your payment card information and make the payment

  4. After succeed payment, save or print a receipt.

Please also declare the item! The item will be released only after the item is declared and released by customs and handling fee paid.