Handling fee

Items cleared through tulli.fi are usually subject to a Posti handling fee of EUR 2.90. It covers Posti’s costs related to warehousing and processing items to be cleared.

Why do I need to pay a handling fee in addition to the customs clearance?

Posti's handling fee of EUR 2.90 covers the costs incurred by Posti

  • the manual handling of the item to be cleared

  • warehousing for the item

  • notifications sent to the customer

The handling fee must be paid within 20 days of the arrival of the item in the country. If the handling fee is not paid and the item is not cleared in time, the item must be returned to the sender.

You can also pay the handling fee at Posti’s outlet when picking up the item. In this case, the handling fee is EUR 3.30.

Do I always need to pay the handling fee?

If you receive a notification from Finnish Customs that you don’t have to pay tax for your item, you don’t have to pay Posti’s handling fee for it either. Posti receives this information automatically from Finnish Customs, so you don’t need to inform Posti about it separately. Your item is released for delivery within 24 hours of customs clearance.

You don’t need to pay Posti’s handling fee for IOSS items or items whose value is less than EUR 45, such as small gifts.

You also don’t need to pay a handling fee if you make the customs clearance through OmaPosti. In this case, in addition to VAT, you also pay the service fee of EUR 0.90 through the OmaPosti service.

Did you pay the handling fee when you didn’t need to?

If you already paid Posti’s handling fee for an item you that doesn’t require the payment of the VAT to Finnish Customs, use the form to apply for a refund of the handling fee. Please also attach the customs clearance decision you got from Finnish Customs.