Customs clearance on

All goods sent from outside the EU can be cleared on once the item has arrived in the country. The price of Posti’s handling fee is EUR 2.90.

How to clear your items on

Once the item arrives in Finland, Posti will notify you by SMS or email. If the item doesn’t have electronic contact details, you’ll receive a paper notification. After this, you can then clear your item on and pay Posti's handling fee of EUR 2.90.

Why do I need to pay a handling fee in addition to the customs clearance?

Posti's handling fee of EUR 2.90 covers the costs incurred by Posti

  • the manual handling of the item to be cleared

  • warehousing for the item

  • notifications sent to the customer

The fee is based on the agreements of the Universal Postal Union.

The handling fee must be paid within 20 days of the arrival of the item in the country. If the handling fee is not paid and the item is not cleared in time, the item must be returned to the sender.