Customs clearance in OmaPosti

In the OmaPosti service, private customers can clear items whose value is EUR 150 or less. The service price is EUR 0.90.

How to clear items in OmaPosti

  1. Fill in the information required for customs clearance in OmaPosti. We’ll take care of the customs clearance using the information you have provided. You can provide the information once the item is on its way to Finland but also after its arrival in the country.

  2. Once you’ve filled in the necessary information, OmaPosti will direct you to pay the VAT and service fee of EUR 0.90 for the goods you ordered. Available payment methods include debit and credit cards as well as the most common Finnish online banks.

  3. Once the item arrives in Finland, we’ll send your information and payment to Finnish Customs. Once Finnish Customs accepts the declaration, we’ll deliver the item to you. By not having to spend time on a separate customs clearance step, you can get your item faster.

What if I can’t see the item in OmaPosti?

Sometimes, you may receive a notification from us that the item can be cleared in OmaPosti but the item doesn’t show in item tracking. In this case, you can add it to OmaPosti yourself.

Adding an item using your browser

Above the yellow Home bar, select the Track link and enter your item ID in the field.

Adding an item using the app

In the app, click the New icon at the bottom and then the Track item link. Enter your item ID in the field that pops up.

Cancelling OmaPosti customs clearance

You can cancel the customs clearance yourself

You can cancel your customs clearance within 14 days without providing a reason. However, you won’t be able to cancel the customs clearance if the item arrived in Finland within 14 days and Posti has already sent the information to Finnish Customs.

If you want to cancel the customs clearance, open item tracking in OmaPosti and go to the customs view. Cancel the clearance at the bottom of the view.

Posti will cancel the customs clearance if the item doesn't arrive

If the shipment doesn’t arrive in the country within 90 days of the date on which you provided the information to Posti, the customs clearance will be automatically cancelled. You'll be refunded through the payment method you used. The receipt for the refund will be sent to OmaPosti.