Pick up the item

Use OmaPosti to track your parcel or other item. Once you’ve received a notification, pick up your parcel from a Parcel Locker or Posti outlet without delay.

Pick up your parcel at a Posti Parcel Point

You can pick up your parcel at a Parcel Point when it suits you, for example, when you’re getting your groceries. You’ll get a code to open the locker to OmaPosti and via SMS – ta-dah!

What about large parcels?

The maximum size of a parcel that fits in Posti’s Parcel Lockers is 59 x 36 x 60 cm. If you’re expecting a really big parcel, select home delivery or a Posti outlet as the pickup point.

If the parcel doesn’t fit inside a locker or if the locker is full, we’ll deliver the parcel to the Posti outlet closest to your home address. The notice of arrival shows where you can pick up your parcel.

Pick up your parcel at a Posti service point

To pick up the parcel, bring the notice of arrival or the item ID and an ID (driving license, passport or an ID card issued by the police). The easiest way is to show the pickup code in the OmaPosti app.

Buy a storage period extension

Once the parcel has been delivered to a Posti outlet, you can buy an extended storage period for it. Go to OmaPosti and click “Buy an extension for the storage period” on the Item Tracking and Routing page. The icon only shows if you can buy more storage time.

  • Price 1.90 € per day

See the storage periods here.