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I want to change the information of a dispatched item

Change item information

As the payer of the transport (sender), you can order a change of services for an item in Posti’s network. Please check the Item Tracking details before making the change request.

No changes can be made in the following situations:

  • the item is not in Posti’s network (item tracking shows no information about the item or there is only an EDI/e-NOA)

  • the item has already been handed over to the recipient

  • the item is already being returned to the sender

  • the item is addressed to a Corporate Postal Code address

If there is an error in the phone number, it can be changed free of charge, but in other cases, the change request is always subject to a charge.

For all change requests sent to processing, we charge a fee based on the valid price list. In addition to the modification charge, transportation charges and other service fees for the potential new transport will be charged. There will also be a charge if the item’s location is identified and the requested change cannot be made.

We will process orders placed by 2 p.m. on the same day. Due to the high volume of items and the nature of the postal delivery process, 100% service performance cannot be ensured.

With this form, we are only requesting the information we need to process the matter in question. Read more about personal data processing at Posti.

The recipient can buy storage time or home delivery for their item by logging in to Posti’s electronic services on the Item Tracking and routing page. Click on the “Buy an extension for the storage period” icon. The icon will only be displayed if it is possible to buy more storage time for the parcel. The parcel must be shelved at a Posti outlet before the storage period can be extended.

Item to be changed

Original item information

Original item information

The item ID is the unique shipment ID or waybill issue identifying the trackable letter or parcel. If your shipment is a multi-parcel shipment, separate shipment IDs with comma.
Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567

Information about the change

Information about the change

What does the change request concern? *

Details of the notifier

Details of the notifier

Details of the notifier

The Notifier is *
Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567