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Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Shipment clarification

All packages and some of the letters contain a shipping ID to track your shipment from Tracking. If your broadcast does not have a broadcast ID, it cannot be traced.




I am *

For the shipment clarification we need detailed information about the content and appearance of the shipment in order to determine if the shipment tracking ID has been damaged or removed for any reason.

Please also note that it is not possible to request for clarification of an international shipment to the country of origin. We therefore ask you to contact the sender whenever the shipment has not yet arrived in Finland or has already left Finland.

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Item type *

Please note that an international express letter can only be requested to the following countries Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Canada, Luxembourg, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark.

Ordinary letters do not contain a tracking code which would enable investigating the course of the letter. Due to the high volume of items, the progress of a single item is practically impossible to investigate, unless the item is trackable. However, it is possible that the letter is still on its way to the recipient.

If the item has inaccurate or outdated address information, it will be returned to the sender.

Is your item a Cash on Delivery item? *
Enter the account number in the international IBAN format, for example FI49 5000 9420 0287 30
The BIC code is the bank identifier code, for example OKOYFIHH for OP customers
The item ID is the unique shipment ID or waybill issue identifying the trackable letter or parcel.
Dispatch day *
Carefully describe the contents of the item. If you know what the package looks like, describe that too. For example, a brown box bearing a blue logo and the company’s name, closed with orange tape.
Attachments Add a maximum of 3 attachments. The maximum size of an attachment is 2 MB.

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        Use the international format, e.g. number 019 1234567 is in the international format +358191234567

        Enter the sender’s information

        Enter the sender’s information

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        Enter recipient information


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        With this form we are only requesting the information we need to process the matter in question.
        Read more at personal data processing at Posti.