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My shipment has not arrived

Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

My shipment has not arrived

When shipment has not arrived

If your shipment has not arrived, verify the speed of delivery between two addresses using the Delivery Time Inquiry. The time when the item is left in the mail affects when the item will be transported. If the item is not left in the mail in time for that day’s transports, the delivery time begins on the next weekday.

The item may also be delayed if the recipient’s address is erroneous. Posti will attempt to find out the valid address of the recipient and forward the letter to this address. If the recipient’s address cannot be clarified from the information available to Posti, the item will be returned to the sender’s address marked on the envelope.

If necessary, make a shipment clarification request.

Newspapers and magazines cannot be tracked using Item Tracking, so our customer service is unable to find out the location of a missing publication.

As Posti does not have extra publications at the delivery offices, missing publications cannot be delivered as back orders. If you haven’t received a publication you have ordered, we kindly ask you to contact the publisher directly so that they can check your order and deliver the missing publication.

Track the progress of your item using Posti’s Item Tracking or OmaPosti.

Only items with an item ID, such as parcels and registered letters, can be tracked. Of the shipments arriving from abroad, you can track the ones with an item ID. There is no tracking for letter items. If necessary, ask the recipient if they have received the letter.

Item Tracking information is automatically recorded only at certain handling points before the item is handed over to the recipient, e.g. when receiving to delivery, at transport in the starting and arrival points and when the shipment is being delivered.