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Our customer service is currently congested. If your case concerns the prevailing coronavirus situation, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Item storage times at Posti pickup points

In normal conditions, the storage times at pickup points are 7 days for parcels and 14 days for letter items.

Extended storage times due to the exceptional situation

We have extended the storage times of items to 21 days. The change applies to items delivered after March 23 and it will remain in effect for the duration of the Emergency Powers Act. If you are unable to pick up your item, you can ask someone to pick it up for you. Follow these instructions:

  • If the item is in a Posti parcel locker, another person can pick it up using the locker code that you have received.

  • If the item is at a Posti store or a partner’s store, another person may pick up the item on your behalf by giving the item ID in the notice of arrival and showing a picture ID or driver’s licence.

  • In the case of a parcel subject to a Registration additional service, a registered letter, a letter with advice of delivery or an insured item, a power of attorney and ID are required to pick it up. You can find the power of attorney form here.

Storage times in normal circumstances

2 days: An item in a Nearby Locker.

7 days: Parcels at Posti service points or lockers, parcel and transport units that Posti tried to deliver to the recipient .

14 days: All letter items, parcels for which the sender has bought an extended storage time at a Posti store or parcels that have arrived or been returned from abroad that can be picked up at an outlet.

Note: The storage time may be longer than above if the recipient has purchased more storage time from the Item Tracking and Routing service.

If the item is not picked up

If the addressee does not pick up the item within the storage period or refuses to receive it, it will be returned to the sender to the service point nearest to their home address. Posti will send the recipient of a returned item a notice of arrival based on their contact details. This is why it is important that you provide Posti with your own contact details when sending items by marking the information on the item. When you pick up a returned item, you will be charged the cost of the parcel delivery, starting at EUR 5.90.

If the sender refuses to claim the item from Posti, the parcel is directed to undelivered shipment investigation. Posti stores parcels for a period three months, during which the sender can claim the item by paying the claiming and processing surcharges, starting at EUR 10. After the storage period ends, uncollected items are disposed of by Posti. To inquire after an undelivered parcel, contact Posti Customer Service.

The Nearby Locker differs from other Parcel Locker services in terms of the storage period and the processing of returns. The Nearby Locker service is intended for quick exchanges of goods, which is why the storage period is limited to two days. If the recipient does not pick up the goods from the Nearby Locker within that time, Posti will notify the sender. The sender then has two weekdays to pick up the returned Nearby Locker item. If the sender then also fails to pick up the goods left in the Nearby Locker within two weekdays, Posti will forward the goods to the Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu lost&found service. The sender may claim the goods from Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu.