Receiving of items

Mail delivery

Item storage times at Posti pickup points

Power of Attorney (proxy)

Valuable mail items (registered letters or parcels, letters with advice of delivery, insured items) will only be handed over to someone other than the recipient if they have a power of attorney from the recipient. We have the obligation to verify that items are handed over to the correct recipient.

Import clearance for incoming items

For help with matters related to customs clearance, please call Posti’s free VAT helpline at 0100 2215 (mpc/lnc), open Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–6 p.m. and Sat 9 a.m.–4 p.m.Complete the inward clearance and pay Posti’s handling fee within 20 days of receiving the notice of arrival. Otherwise, the item will be returned to the sender. The storage period can’t be extended. The customs clearance and handling fee only apply to goods arriving from outside the EU or from special areas of the EU’s Excise Duty and Value-Added Taxation Area. If you don’t know the contents of the item, ask the sender.

Bases for compensation

The liability of the item’s transporter is based on the law (the Postal Act, the provisions of the Postal Union convention or the Act on Road Transport Contracts).

Mailbox Placement and Grouping

Poste restante service

Damaged item

Use this form if the item you received has been damaged. Please also contact the sender.

Apply for compensation for damage

The liability of the item’s transporter is based on the law (the Postal Act, the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention or the Act on Road Transport Contracts). The precondition of compensation is that we can establish that the damage occurred while we were responsible for the item and that the case involved verified damage that is compensable according to our terms and conditions. Also note that as a rule, it’s the sender who’s entitled to compensation. Read more about the compensation bases.

Pick up your item from a pickup point of your choice

Did you know that you can easily route your items and online purchases to a Posti parcel locker or pickup point that works best for you? With the free My Pickup Point service, you can choose where to pick up your parcel.

Please confirm telephone number

Undeliverable parcel

With this form, you can submit the delivery address of an undeliverable Posti parcel once you have received a notification of an undeliverable parcel.