About OmaPosti

With OmaPosti, you can track your parcels in real time and receive your letters and invoices immediately. Invoice payment is also easy. You can start using OmaPosti by registering to Posti’s consumer service register.

You can use all of Posti’s digital services with a single Posti username.

When creating a username, you will be asked to carry out strong identification. Strong identification is needed so that we can be sure that items such as letters and invoices and the item tracking information are shown to the correct recipient.

If you are a business customer, please read the additional information about using OmaPosti with a single username.

You can use OmaPosti by logging in with a Posti username and password. Start using the service.

Download the OmaPosti application and use Posti’s services wherever you are. The application is available for iOS and Android.

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About the OmaPosti service

Collect all your invoices in one place and track your parcels easily. OmaPosti is the user interface for everyday life!

You can centralize and direct all your paper invoices to OmaPosti. All invoices sent to your Netposti account will be forwarded automatically to OmaPosti. You can upload other received invoices to OmaPosti easily by taking a photo of the invoice’s barcode using your phone. If you are an OP customer, you can pay your invoices directly through OmaPosti by using Pivo. Using OmaPosti and paying the invoices sent to OmaPosti is quick, safe and free of charge. The application sends out due date reminders and archives the invoices on your behalf.

You can track the parcels sent to you through OmaPosti. The app will show the stages of the shipment and remind you when the parcel is available for pickup. When sending a parcel, you can pay for the delivery conveniently using OmaPosti. You will save up to EUR 5 on delivery costs when you pay for the transport of your parcel using the OmaPosti application.

The OmaPosti service is free of charge for all Finnish persons over 15 years of age.

Item Tracking

You will automatically be able to track all parcels that include your phone number in their information in OmaPosti. You can use a tracking code to track items yourself.

Invoices and letters

You can receive letters and invoices in electronic form to OmaPosti from the senders of your choice. These letters may be, for example, letters from the authorities, invoices, payslips or healthcare documents. You will get a notification of an incoming letter or invoice to the email address associated with your username. The letters and invoices arriving in OmaPosti are handled in compliance with mail, correspondence and bank secrecy, as well as the information security policy of the data protection ombudsman and Posti Group. We use standardized data transfer methods and secure connections.

What information am I asked when I first use the service?

When you use the OmaPosti service for the first time, we will ask you to provide some important details. You will be asked to provide and confirm an email address, so that, if you forget your password, you can request us to send the password to the email address that you provided. You will also receive email notifications of invoices or letters sent to your OmaPosti. You can change your confirmed email address on the Your Information page. When you change your email address, you will need to provide electronic proof of your identity.

You will be asked to provide your phone number as it will enable OmaPosti to add incoming mail items or parcels to your OmaPosti account. On the basis of the phone number OmaPosti will know that you are the recipient of the parcel, and you will be given access to the codes that are required to pick up the parcel. You can change your confirmed phone number on the Your Information page.

In the mobile app, you will also be asked for permission to be sent notifications. Notifications are messages that appear on the phone screen. If you allow the app to send notifications, OmaPosti will notify you when you receive an invoice or a letter, or when the invoice is due, or when your parcel is available for pickup. You can change the notification settings in OmaPosti at any time.