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Contact information for businesses

PAU’s strikes to cause some delays in deliveries. Read more The strike will slow down mail handling and delivery. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to track the progress of an individual shipment or shipment lot in our mail handling.

Contact information for businesses

Service number

+358 200 77000, Mon-Fri from 8 am to 16pm (local network charge/mobile call charge, queueing is subject to charge.)

  • Ordering

  • Item tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Online service support

  • Services Counseling

  • Quote and contractual matters

Online retailer support

Contact details for freight terminals and Food logistics

Domestic freight terminals

Food logistics

Posti Messaging

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Contact details for Posti headquarters and subsidiaries


Company ID

Business-ID 1531864-4, VAT reg., VAT-ID FI15318644 Posti Group Corporation is registered in the trade register and its operations are subject to VAT.

Recording telephone calls and messages

Should a business or service transaction so require, Posti Group Corporation records phone calls and messages for the purpose of verifying their contents. Posti uses recordings only to ensure the rights and legal protection of customers and Posti itself. Recordings may also be used for in-house personnel training purposes in order to enhance customer service and quality. Posti does not use recordings for any other purposes and does not distribute them to parties outside Posti unless required by law.