Valuable or urgent items

Cash, securities, precious metals, gemstones, and other valuables delivered by mail must always be sent as Insured Items. Insured shipments go through special secure handling. Insurance coverage against loss, theft and damage is limited to the agreed insurance value.

Domestic letters

Take to postal outlet.

Suitable for sending urgent messages, documents and drafts. Take to a Posti outlet. Delivery to the recipient’s mailbox, 1–2 working days.

For sending payment cards, decisions and information, among other things. Handed over against acknowledgement, can be picked up in 2-3 working days.

Take to a Posti outlet. Items are handed over against an acknowledgement when the COD amount has been paid. Delivery in 2–3 working days.

When you need a receipt for your shipment.

Insured Items - for sending money and valuable items

International letters

Fast, track & trace to some countries. Buy from the Posti outlet

Handed over against signature. Buy from the Posti outlet.

For sending money and valuable items. Buy from the Posti outlet.

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