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Sending a parcel with cash

Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

How to send a parcel

To ensure your item reaches the addressee quickly and securely, address and pack it carefully and correctly.

Send your parcel with Posti Parcel Locker

  1. Go to or open the OmaPosti application. (Download the application for free from your phone’s mobile application store) Select the correct size for your shipment. Enter recipient name. Select their preferred parcel locker and delivery method for the notice of arrival. Enter your information. Pay for the shipment.

  2. Select the parcel locker, from which you want to send the parcel If you are using the newer “white parcel locker”, reserve a locker for your use. If the parcel locker has a parcel chute, you can also leave your parcel there. There is no need to reserve a locker from the old “blue parcel locker”.

  3. Pack your item in a sustainable manner and add shipping details Write the names, addresses and phone numbers of both the sender and recipient on the parcel. Don’t forget to add the Helposti code we sent you by email. Alternatively, you can print the address label and attach it to the item. If you are using a recycled box, cover any old bar codes and numbers.

  4. Take the item to a parcel locker Take the item to the parcel locker you selected within 24 hours. You can find all the instructions in the email. Open the door of the “blue parcel locker” using the Helposti code (digits and letters) and the door of the “white parcel locker” using a six-digit locker code. Both codes are provided in the confirmation sent via email. Place the item in the locker and close the door. Track the item in the OmaPosti application or at

Always leave XXS parcels with address labels in a mailbox. If you cannot print an address label, take the XXS parcel to the cash desk at a Posti outlet and use the Helposti code.

Sending a parcel at a Posti outlet

  1. Go to the service desk at a Posti outlet to pay for the item.

  2. You need to provide the recipient’s mobile phone number and address or the pick-up point selected by the recipient (an outlet or a parcel locker).

If you do not know the recipient’s mobile phone number, select the printed notice of arrival, which will be delivered with day mail.