Determining the maximum dimensions of parcels

Standard parcel

Max dimensions: 100 x 60 x 60 cm

Max longest side: 100 cm

Max weight: 25 kg

Parcel with oversized additional service

Max: 300 cm (longest side + circumference)

Max longest side: 200 cm

Max weight: 35 kg

How to measure longest side + circumference

Step 1: identify and measure the longest side of your parcel (S1) Step 2: measure the circumference (S2 + S3 + S4 + S5) Longest side (s1) + circumference (S2 + S3 + S4 + S5) = your total

If the total is max 300 cm with a max weight of 35kg the shipment can be sent as a parcel (see dimensions for standard and oversized). If either dimensions or weight exceeds allowed max, the shipment will need to be sent as freight.