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Posti or Posti’s partners may collect your information using cookies and other similar data collection tools.

Cookies are small text files that are stored by web services in the user’s web browser. Cookies collect certain types of standard information, such as the type and language of your browser, the time and duration of using the site, the address of the website from which you arrived at this site and IP address. Cookies may also store information about web pages you have visited, links you have clicked on and other use of the website.

Cookies are used for developing services, reporting and analyzing the use of the website as well as for Posti’s and its partners’ marketing, advertising and targeting of content. This ensures an optimal user experience.

Cookies allow for efficient use of web services by, for example, facilitating online shopping or ensuring that you do not need to give your password several times while using a service. Cookies also help Posti and its partners produce personalized content, which makes the advertising and the content of the services more relevant for you. Advertising networks and advertisers can target third-party advertisements based on the cookie information collected from the first party’s (Posti) site.

Posti may also use cookies or other similar tools in certain e-mails sent by Posti, and thereby collect data automatically when you open the e-mail or click on a link in the e-mail you have received.

Data collected using cookies can be connected to other data received from the customer in other contexts when the user is logged in to Posti’s service.

The user’s options for influencing the use of cookies

If you do not want your web browser to store cookies, you can prevent the use of cookies through your browser settings. Please note that by enabling cookies, you can ensure that the services and web pages function correctly and get advertising that is relevant to you.

You can empty your cookie history in your browser’s settings, which will delete the cookie information stored in your browser. This action does not prevent new cookie information from being collected.

Most web browsers allow you to block cookies from third parties. In that case, your browser will only accept cookies coming directly from the service you are using. You can disable third party cookies through the cookie settings for your browser. Through the website Your Online Choices, you can also manage the settings for advertising based on browser usage.

Posti’s and its partners’ cookies for marketing or targeting measures can also be managed through the button at the bottom of the page.

Advertising identifiers

In Posti’s applications, we use mobile advertising identifiers, such as IDFA (iOS) and AdID (Android) in order to target mobile application advertising to the target groups we believe could be interested in our application.

Posti’s partners use the advertising identifier on these advertising platforms. The advertising identifier enables us to build profiled target groups. When these groups visit other sites, the sites show them advertisements that are interesting and relevant specifically to them. Advertising platforms, such as Facebook, may use the advertising identifier to offer analyzing services and target advertising.

  • Adform

  • Facebook

  • AdWords

  • DBM

  • Twitter

The operating system of your mobile phone has a setting to block advertising based on your interests or otherwise reset your mobile ID. You can, for instance, use the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting (in iOS devices) or the “Opt out of Interest-Based Ads” setting (in Android devices) and, thus, limit the use of information concerning your use of mobile applications in displaying advertisement targeted on the basis of your interests.