International letters and postcards

Posti offers a number of convenient services for sending messages and small goods abroad.

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Traditional letters and cards

Remember your loved ones by letter or card. The easiest way to send letters and cards abroad is to use the international no-value indicator stamp. .

Maximum weightEurope PriorityEurope EconomyOther countries PriorityOther countries Economy
20 g1.85 €1.75 €1.85 €1.75 €
50 g2.65 €2.45 €3.70 €2.95 €
100 g3.70 €3.50 €7.40 €4.00 €
250 g5.55 €5,25 €12.95 €7.00 €
500 g9,25 €8,75 €22.20 €12.25 €
1000 g16.65 €12.25 €35.15 €17.50 €
2000 g27,75 €26,25 €64.75 €35.00 €

Economy-brev - billigaste alternativet, ingen försändelseuppföljning

A real postcard makes both the sender and the recipient happy.

When you want to send larger international letters.

Send a postcard with a photo taken by you via our online service

Bring joy with a personalized postcard featuring a photo taken by you! Use one of your own photos. The postcard is sent directly from the service, and the recipient will receive a real, physical postcard.

Sending valuable or urgent items

Cash, securities, precious metals, gemstones, and other valuables delivered by mail must always be sent as Insured Items. Insured shipments go through special secure handling. Insurance coverage against loss, theft and damage is limited to the agreed insurance value.

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