Invoices and letters in OmaPosti

You can receive letters and invoices in electronic form to OmaPosti from the senders of your choice. These letters may be, for example, letters from the authorities, invoices, payslips or healthcare documents. You will get a notification of an incoming letter or invoice to the email address associated with your username.

The letters and invoices arriving in OmaPosti are handled in compliance with mail, correspondence and bank secrecy, as well as the information security policy of the data protection ombudsman and Posti Group. We use standardized data transfer methods and secure connections.

Receive electronic invoices and letters

After you activate OmaPosti, Posti will be able to deliver letters and invoices addressed to you to OmaPosti in an electronic form. In other words, OmaPosti serves as an electronic alternative to your traditional mailbox. You can determine which senders you want to receive letters from in electronic form only by clicking on “Sender selections” in the OmaPosti settings. Your selections will be forwarded to senders who use the OmaPosti service. Your selection determines whether you will receive the letters in electronic form only. Each sender determines which of their letters may be received electronically. For example, you can receive invoices from some companies in electronic form, but other communications still only on paper. If you want to receive letters only in electronic form, and the company in question uses this OmaPosti function, their paper letters will be completely replaced with electronic ones. In other cases, you will receive a paper letter in addition to the electronic letter or, from some senders, only a paper letter.

Are you already using OmaPosti? Open sender settings in OmaPosti