Mail delivery and postal codes

Mail is delivered on business days (Mon-Fri). The items to be delivered are letters and publications whose maximum size is 25 x 40 x 3 cm and maximum weight 2 kg. A notice of arrival is submitted for all undeliverable items.

Terms concerning basic delivery are indicated in Delivery Service Terms. Posti's deliveries are stipulated in the Postal Act, and compliance with the Act is monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

Direct to Door service

Direct to Door service gives you the chance to have mail delivered where you want it at destination. For example, the service offers households the chance to have mail delivered to the door mail slot, for example. Also housing companies or its residents can agree separately on mail delivery. Similarly, it is possible to agree on moving the mailbox to the boundary of the summer home plot or beside the cottage road, for example.

Order home delivery for an item arrived at a Posti outlet.