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We would like for the suggested themes to be of interest to as many Finns as possible. For anniversary stamps, we generally require that the anniversary being celebrated is a hundredth anniversary. We also try to avoid repeating the same themes in stamps. Please check the stamps issued earlier to make sure that there has not recently been a stamp with the theme you would like to suggest. We do not issue stamps with political affiliations. You can find all previously published stamp themes on the Postal Museum website. The approved suggestions will form the core of the range of stamps issued in the coming years. Designing and printing stamps takes time. Please send us your suggestion as early as two years before the intended time of publication. We will go over all of the suggestions and add the suggested themes to our stamp idea bank. You will receive a written reply if your suggestion is approved for publication. If you wish to include pictures or other materials in your suggestion, please send us your suggestion by mail. Please do not send original photos or illustrations, as these will not be returned. The address is: POSTI Postimerkkiehdotukset PL 7 00011 POSTI Please carefully fill out the form below. We will not use your contact details for direct marketing. We do not offer any money for stamp suggestions. You may have a personalized stamp made with your own pictures using our Personalized Stamp service. Learn more about the Personalized Stamp service


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