Plus Sticker

The Plus Sticker is an additional service sold alongside the regular stamp. Items that are stamped according to their weight and have a Plus Sticker are delivered faster than regular items, i.e. on the second business day after mailing. You will also be able to see when your letter has been delivered. The service is only available in mainland Finland (excluding the Åland Islands).

  • Delivery within two business days

  • See when your letter has been delivered

You can track letters with a Plus Sticker in two ways:

  1. Scan the Plus Sticker using the OmaPosti app and name the item. You can see when the item has been delivered in the app. Download the free OmaPosti app from your phone’s app store.

  2. Keep the part of the receipt that has the Plus Sticker’s item ID. Enter the item ID in Item Tracking to see when the letter has been delivered.

You can buy Plus Stickers online without delivery fees.

For orders of EUR 27 or more.