Stamps, envelopes and packaging materials

Stamps, envelopes and packaging materials can be conveniently bought online or at one of our service points. Our online shop has all the stamps that are currently for sale as well as pre-paid envelopes and a wide assortment of packaging materials.


Stamps are noticed – are you sending invitations, thank you cards or congratulatory messages or do you just feel like sending a letter or a postcard to someone you care about? Decorate your letter or postcard with a stamp that is the perfectfit for your message. You can have the stamps conveniently delivered to your home by ordering them from the Posti online shop.

Stamps are also sold at approximately 3,000 locations, such as Posti outlets, kiosks, grocery stores, bookstores and service stations.

Old 1st class and 2nd class No-value indicator stamps are still valid for posting as such. They are of the same value as the domestic No-value indicator stamp, € 2.10.

Plus Sticker

The Plus Sticker is an additional service sold alongside the regular stamp. Items that are stamped according to their weight and have a Plus Sticker are delivered faster than regular items, i.e. on the second business day after mailing. You will also be able to see when your letter has been delivered. The service is only available in mainland Finland (excluding the Åland Islands).

  • Delivery within two business days

  • See when your letter has been delivered

Personalized stamps

A corporate-looking stamp acts as a personal ad. The stamps are sold in sheets of 10. The price for one sheet is EUR 31.00 (EUR 3.10 per stamp).

Pre-paid envelopes

All-in-One envelope The All-in-One envelope is all you need to mail your letter inside Finland. The envelope includes a prepaid postage fee; all you need to do is add the recipient's address. 

Pre-paid Express Envelope Pre-paid Express Envelopes are easy-to-use cardboard envelopes for urgent messages. Just fill in the sender and addressee details, attach a barcode and take to a postal outlet.

Five Express Envelopes for urgent domestic mailings – handy to use!

The domestic postage fee is included in the price. Size 162 x 229 mm. Maximum fill: height 30 mm, weight 500 g

The domestic postage fee is included in the price. Size 162 x 229 mm. Maximum fill: height 30 mm, weight 500 g.

Packaging materials

You can order all the packaging materials you need to send your item online. Our selection includes various kinds of mailing envelopes, bubble bags and packaging box —something for every need.