Moving and change of address

Are you moving permanently? Please notify us about the change of address as soon as possible so that your mail can be delivered to the correct address immediately after your move. You will be able to notify the local register office of your move at the same time. Your new address information will also be automatically sent to various other organizations.

Have your mail come with you to your new home with the Posti Relocate service

The notification of change of address includes a free 30-day Posti Relocate service that forwards your daily mail to your new address. If you wish, you can buy the Posti Relocate service for up to a year, meaning that all of your mail that is delivered by Posti will be routed to your new address even if your old address was used. You can order the service also with a form that you can pick up from Postis service point.

Have your parcels follow you when you move

Submitting a change of address will not cause your parcels to be forwarded. Instead, the parcels will be delivered to the address written on them. You can route your parcels to a pickup point of your choice by selecting the pickup point as your My Pickup Point.

Detailed information about moving and change of address