Disclosure ban

  • Posti can update your address to those organisation registers where your address details already are

  • Data disclosure in connection with address verification and correction services can be prohibited

  • If you want to prevent your data from being disclosed to other parties in connection with the change of address, you can make an address hand-over prohibition. If you make an address hand-over prohibition, remember to give your new address to all parties that send you mail

  • You can also make the address hand-over prohibition by mailing a free-form written request to Posti Ltd, P.O. Box 777, FI-00011 Posti, Finland.

  • Make an address hand-over prohibition as follows: Log in to the service for submitting a notification of change of address > “Contact details and disclosure ban” > Address update service “Off”

  • When logged in, data subjects can also submit a request for a review of personal data and withdraw their marketing consent

  • If you want to prohibit all forms of direct marketing, make the prohibition directly with the company in question or in Data & Marketing Association of Finland’s prohibition register

  • For more information, read Posti’s data protection statement.

We update your address to the following organizations: