Mail delivery and change of address

Mail delivery and change of address

Moving to a new home? Make a change of address. Or are you vacating at your summer cottage? Order mail forwarding. Going on vacation abroad? Order mail delivery interruption and we’ll hold on to your mail for you.

Mail delivery and change of address

  • If you are planning a move, please let us know about the change of address well in advance.

  • You can also route your mail to another address or put your mail on hold for a fixed period of time.


Inform us of your change of address as soon as you know you will be moving house. In this way, you can ensure your mail is delivered to the correct address immediately after the move.

Mail forwarding or putting your mail on hold

You can forward your mail to another address⁠—for example, during a vacation. You can also temporarily stop mail delivery and have us hold your mail.

Mail delivery

A notice of arrival is sent for all undeliverable items.