Data protection in Posti

Collecting personal data

We maintain an address register of all receivers of post in order to handle postal operations.

We also store information concerning items and recipients' and senders' name and address information into the IT system used to track deliveries.

Personal data is also accumulated from agreements, the use of services, scope of services and information required to produce and direct services. In addition, we may process information about customer interests reported by the customers themselves.

Processing personal data

We process personal data, for instance, for the following purposes:

  • to carry out and maintain Posti's services

  • to manage custom relationships

  • to plan and develop Posti's business operations

  • to notify people of Posti's services, to promote sales and for market research purposes

Storing and protecting the data

We process our customers' personal data as confidential, and we use appropriate security methods to ensure data privacy. The data can only be accessed by specific persons who are bound by a non-disclosure obligation for their work tasks. The data is used to the extent that is necessary to realize the services offered by Posti or based on other legal grounds for processing.

Use of cookies

Posti or Posti's partners may collect your information using cookies and other similar data collection tools.

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