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Instructions for sending

Check out our posting instructions for cash and contract customers.

Address markings

In addition to the addressee's details, the sender's name and address information, Posti´s technical markings and item and postage indications must be provided on the envelope.

The address field can only contain the addressee's name and address. Slogans or other catch-phrases are not permitted. A customer code or any other identifier must be placed above the addressee's name.

Envelope markings for domestic letters

  1. Sender's name and address information, alternatively in the flap of the envelope.

  2. Postage fee indications, e.g. a Port Payé or a postage stamp.

  3. Addressee's name and address informationt.

  1. Sender's name and address information Note! Maximum 4 cm from the top of the envelope, eg. example. Alternatively, the information can be placed in the flap of the envelope.

  2. Posti´s technical codes, e.g. the Information Service code.

  3. Postage indications, e.g. Port Payé Finlande or a postage stamp.

  4. Addressee's name and address information.

Marking the addressee’s address

  1. Row: other information on the addressee: title, customer code, subscription code or other customer-related information

  2. Row: addressee

  3. Row: supplement to the addressee’s name e.g. organisational unit, department, office, processed by, occupant of the apartment, c/o

  4. Row: Spare row, can include specify the name of the recipient or internal information of the company

  5. Row: Exact delivery address: street address, P.O. Box address

  6. Row: Postal code and locality in capital letters

Address labels for letters and other documents

Private customers

Cash customers can pick up the required address labels from Posti service points. The address labels are free of charge. Registered Letters and Cash on Delivery Letters are sent without an address label. Write the sender and recipient information on the letter. An identifying tracking bar code is attached to the letter at the Posti service point counter.

Address labels models

Letter with Advice of Delivery Insured Item

Contracts customers

Printing of address labels with Posti SmartShip ordering channel. The service includes tracked letter services as well as parcel and freight services. You will also be able to print address labels both domestic and overseas items.

Address labels models, domistic letters

Registered letter Letter with Advice of Delivery Insured Item Cash on delivery Express Letter

Address labels models, letters aboard

Registered letter Letter with Advice of Delivery (paste also Advice of Delivery form) Express Letter

Express letter markings

1.Note for sender.

2.Two additional labels for the front and reverse of the item.

3.Express Letter identification label. Detach the label starting from here. Do not detach the barcode sections only.

4.Example of an item.

Envelope Sizes

Standard-sized envelopes are the most convenient to use, because they are the easiest to send by post. Benefits include:

  • savings in printing costs

  • savings in enveloping and mailing costs

  • more rapid mailings savings in postage fees

Envelope sizes

Series BB4 250 x 353 mm
B5 176 x 250 mm
B6 125 x 176 mm
Series CC3 324 x 458 mm
C4 229 x 324 mm
C5 162 x 229 mm
C65 114 x 229 mm
C6 114 x 162 mm
Series EE4 215 x 307 mm
E5 156 x 220 mm
E65 110 x 220 mm
E6 110 x 156 mm

Standard sheet sizes

A-seriesA0 841 x 1189 mm
A1 594 x 841 mm
A2 420 x 594 mm
A3 297 x 420 mm
A4 210 x 297 mm
A5 148 x 210 mm
A6 105 x 148 mm

Sending valuable or urgent items

Cash, securities, precious metals, gemstones, and other valuables delivered by mail must always be sent as Insured Items. Insured shipments go through special secure handling. Insurance coverage against loss, theft and damage is limited to the agreed insurance value.

Services for the visually impaired

Items of of visually impaired Print the character, 4 pieces per sheet

Items of of visually impaired Print the character, 9 pieces per sheet