Stamps are sold in Posti outlets and Posti online shop, kiosks, most grocery shops, bookshops and department stores.

No-value indicator stamp

Domestic no-value indicator stamp

Can be used as the postage fee for letters and cards up to 50 grams in Finland. Payment indication: the map of Finland Price: 1,95 €

Also all 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps will be accepted for sending domestic letters.

International no-value indicator stamp

Can be used for letters and cards up to 20 g in items sent from Finland to abroad. Payment indication: planet Price: 2,05 €.

The no-value indicator stamp for Christmas

Can be used in Christmas greeting cards up to 50 g in Finland. The price and last mailing date of Christmas greeting cards will be indicated annually. Christmas greeting cards mailed by the deadline will be delivered to their destination by Christmas. Price for year 2022 is 1,40 €.

Design your own stamp

You can create a Personalized stamp from a photo of your choice. It is unique, personal and ensures your message will get extra attention.

A Personalized stamp sheet contains 10 Domestic no-value indicator stamps. The price of a sheet of Personalized stamps is EUR 29.00 (EUR 2.90 per stamp).

Restrictions as to Content

The image selected may be rejected by Posti Ltd if it does not meet the requirements set for personalized stamps. Any rejection will be announced to the customer by e-mail. You can replace your image, and your order will be printed once the new image has been approved. Note: Do not pay for your order again when replacing your image!