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Our customer service is busy due to increased parcel volume. Please check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Item tracking

Track the progress of your item with Posti’s item tracking.

Track the progress of your item with Posti’s item tracking. You can track the progress of your item using the item ID in the item tracking section of Posti’s website or in the OmaPosti application. In the mobile application, you can receive notifications to learn about the item’s progress. You will receive a notice of arrival when the item is ready to be collected.

Only items with an item ID, such as parcels and registered letters, can be tracked. Normal letter items do not provide tracking and cannot, therefore, be located. If necessary, ask the recipient if they have received the letter.

New facilitating item tracking services for parcel addressees

You can direct your parcels to the most convenient Posti's parcel locker or other Posti service point yourself. You gain access to the service by activating the My Pickup Point service. As a customer, you are identified with strong identification upon registering to the service. You will also provide your mobile number which must be verified before using the service. This allows us to be sure that your telephone number is correct and that you have the right to make changes related to the parcel.

Item Tracking is one of our most popular services. The service can be used by logging in to the service or without login via Posti’s website or the Posti mobile application.

You can make payments and carry out tasks related to receiving parcels directly using Item Tracking.

Consignees who are registered customers of Posti can use the service. The service accepts the same payment methods as the mailing web service: online bank, credit card and Nordea payment transfers.

Add your mobile number to quicker receive notice of arrival

As a registered customer of the Item Tracking service, you can add a mobile number to the parcel yourself. You will then receive an SMS-notification once the parcel has arrived. This also concerns parcels of which you would otherwise receive a printed notice of arrival.

For instance, most foreign shippers do not send Posti the addressee’s electronic contact details and, therefore, only a printed notice of arrival can be sent for these parcels. These shippers often deliver an item ID to the consignee via email. The item addressee/customer can log in to our service, add the item ID they have received and add their phone number to the shipment information (“Add phone number” in the menu). Note: At the moment it is not possible to receive an SMS notice of arrival for all mailed items.

You can always follow your parcel when you add your phone number in the Posti mobile application.