Authorise someone else to pickup

Authorise someone else to pickup

Valuable mail items (registered letters or parcels, letters with advice of delivery, insured items) will only be handed over to someone other than the recipient if they have a power of attorney from the recipient. We have the obligation to verify that items are handed over to the correct recipient.

Fill in, print and sign proxy, and deliver it to the post office where your item will be picked up using authorization.

Power of attorney PDF

The power of attorney submitted to Posti must specifically concern receiving of mail, and the persons authorized to collect the mail must be named. General powers of attorney will not be accepted. We recommend using Posti's power of attorney form.

The power of attorney must contain the following information:

  • to whom the power of attorney is granted (name and personal identity code of the agent)

  • the grantor of the power of attorney (name and personal identity code* or the company's name, Business ID and the person holding the procuration of the company)

  • the validity period of the power of attorney

  • if you are granting a power of attorney for picking up a single item, please write down the Item ID of the item that is to be picked up using the power of attorney

  • date and signature of the grantor

  • A complete personal identity code must be provided

In addition, items can be picked up on behalf of another person on the basis of a decision by a court or authority related to guardianship. The document must contain the names and personal identity codes of both the recipient and the agent.

If the item's recipient is a company or some other organization, the person picking up the item must provide proof of being authorized to represent the recipient organization. Companies can prove the procuration with an extract from the trade register not older than three (3) months. The person holding the procuration of the company can authorize someone else to pick up the item. The authorization can be given for each item specifically with a power of attorney that is valid only once, or as a fixed-period authorization covering all mail items.

A power of attorney is valid for a maximum of three (3) years and Posti will not send a separate notification about the termination of the period of validity. The grantor must retain the information regarding the granted authorizations and, when necessary, take care of revoking or renewing them. The authorization can be renewed with a new power of attorney and revoked with a written notification sent to the Posti outlet that has received the power of attorney.

When revoking a valid, previously granted power of attorney, please write down the following information on the form:

  • the agent's name and personal identity code (a complete personal identity code must be provided)

  • termination date

  • sign and date the document according to the instructions on the form