Poste restante service

If you need to receive mail to an address other than your home address, learn about Posti’s many service alternatives. Mail in Finland is normally delivered safely and reliably to your home address.

However, a private person can temporarily also use a poste restante address during a journey, for example. Companies cannot use a poste restante address.

Notify the sender about your address:

Your official first and last name POSTE RESTANTE postal code and city/municipality Example:


Present your ID card when picking up items. The items will be returned to the senders if not picked up during 14 days or if the addressee’s official first name and surname are not indicated on the item.

An item mailed with an address is redirected to a Posti outlet matching the postal code from where it can be picked up. The address of the Posti outlet should not be used as the address.

With a proxy, you can authorize some other person to pick up your items. If you pick up the mail of the whole family at the same time, make sure you have proxies from all of them.

  • Information on items received at a poste restante address is not available anywhere other than the Posti outlet holding the items. Inquiries about items can be made at the Posti outlet.

  • Poste restante items delivered to a Posti outlet according to postal code are not sent to another Posti outlet for pickup.

  • Providing notification of your poste restante address is free of charge.

  • If you wish to forward your mail from one address to a poste restante address for a fixed term, you need a mail forwarding service. Read more about the service.

A permanent change of address for the poste restante address, or moving away from the address. However, mail cannot be redirected from a poste restante address to another address for a specific period of time, because the address is intended for temporary use.

The number of poste restante pickup points have been reduced in several locations.

Poste restante -pickup points Helsinki Poste restante 00100 Helsinki (mails picked up from Sturenkatu 21) Poste restante 00510 Helsinki (mails picked up from Sturenkatu 21) Poste restante 00880 Helsinki (mails picked up from Linnanrakentajantie 4)

Espoo 02100 Espoo, Piispansilta 11 (Iso Omena)

Vantaa 01300 Vantaa (Tikkurila) Asematie 4

Lahti 15100 Lahti, Saksalankatu 4

Turku 20100 Turku, Uhrilähteenkatu 2, 20250 Turku

Pori 28100 Pori, Yrjönkatu 6

Tampere Poste Restante 33100, Sellukatu 15, 33400 Tampere

Jyväskylä 40100 Jyväskylä, Vapaudenkatu 48

Kouvola 45100 Kouvola, Pick up from Tervasharjunkatu 1, 45720 Kuusankoski

Mikkeli 50100 Mikkeli, Raatihuoneenkatu 12

Lappeenranta 53100 Lappeenranta, Pick up from Harapaisentie 57

Vaasa 65100 Vaasa, Rosteninkatu 1

Kuopio 70100 Kuopio, Kauppakatu 40-42

Oulu 90100 Oulu, Tehtaankatu 5

Rovaniemi 96100 Rovaniemi, Pohjolankatu 13

The Poste restante service is not available at other service points in the cities mentioned above.

All poste restante points are listed here.