Damage and compensation

The liability of the item’s transporter is based on the law (the Postal Act, the provisions of the Postal Union convention or the Act on Road Transport Contracts).

Always check the item when you receive it

If the item’s damaged, record the damage in the shipment documents immediately together with the driver.

If the item goes missing, the party paying for the transport must submit an application for compensation for losses.

Damage situations

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The compensation practices vary depending on the provisions in the above-mentioned regulations regarding the type of item concerned. The liability of the transporter, i.e. Posti, is limited regarding all transports. The regulations also specify who is entitled to compensation. Usually, it’s the sender who’s entitled to compensation, and they must seek compensation from their contracting party, that is, the party the sender purchased the transport from. Posti’s limited liability doesn’t affect the liability between the sender and the recipient. In distance selling pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the seller is always liable for the transport of the goods.

The precondition of compensation is that we can establish that the damage occurred while we were responsible for the item. The occurred damage is verified by receipts.

The compensation covers:

  • Material damage

  • Delivery expenses in part or in full

  • The costs of preventing or inspecting the damage (e.g. repair costs)