What does Posti compensate for and for whom?

What does Posti compensate for and for whom?

If the item is damaged, delayed or lost during Posti transport, the person paying for the transport may be eligible to receive compensation from Posti. The person paying for the transport is almost always the sender, even if the recipient had paid the shipping costs to the sender.

Instructions for the recipient

  • If the item you received is damaged, submit a damage report to Posti and also notify the sender. The sender can only claim compensation from Posti once Posti has acknowledged the damage.

  • If the item is delayed or lost, please contact our customer service or ask the sender to contact us.

  • According to the Consumer Protection Act, in an online retailers are responsible for the transport of their goods. If the product you ordered is damaged or lost in transit, you can usually get a replacement from the seller. The compensation paid by Posti to the sender, in these cases the seller, is usually less than the value of the product.

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