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Compensation grounds

The item transporter's liability is restricted by law (Postal Act, Universal Postal Convention or Act on Road Transport Contracts). Select an appropriate sending method for your delivery contents and pack it carefully. These compensation principles also apply to insured shipments.

Always check the item when you receive it

If the item is damaged, record the damage in the shipment documents together with the driver immediately.

If the item goes missing, the party paying for the transport must submit an application for compensation for losses.

Damage situations

See terms

Read an instruction

The compensation policy varies according to which of the aforementioned regulations is applied to the item. Regarding all transport, the item transporter's (i.e. Posti's) liability is limited. The regulations also define who is entitled to receive compensation. In international deliveries, the right of compensation is with the sender and the sender must apply for compensation from its own contract partner.

Posti's limited liability does not have an impact on the liability between the sender and the recipient. In distance sales subject to the Consumer Protection Act, the seller is always responsible for transporting the product.

Damage compensation requires that it can be verified that the damage occurred when Posti was responsible for the shipment. In cases of damage, you should always contact Customer Service as quickly as possible.

Compensation is paid for:

  • Material damage

  • A share of the delivery costs corresponding to the damage

  • The expenses caused by preventing the damage and its direct investigation

  • when the material damage has been directly caused by the delay, damaging or loss of the item and this has been caused while Posti was responsible for the item.