Tips for information security


Never disclose your Posti credentials to others and never log in to the service at the request of anyone who has contacted you.

Set a password that is long and unique enough and do not use the same password across multiple services. Good password tips can be found in the Cyber Security Centre's password guide.

Use a password manager: a password manager is a separate tool that creates a new password for each service accessed and saves and remembers them on behalf of the user. Some well-known password managers are F-Secure's KEY and LastPass.

Downloading the OmaPosti app

Always update your device's operating system and OmaPosti mobile app to the latest version. Only download the OmaPosti mobile app from official app stores: Apple Store and Google Play. Posti never sends the application file directly to the customer.

Multi-factor authentication

By using multi-factor authentication, you can better protect your OmaPosti account from unauthorized access. This protection can be turned on and off from the OmaPosti settings.

Here is how you can enable multi-factor authentication in the OmaPosti application:

  1. Open the OmaPosti application.

  2. Select Menu – Settings – Authentication – Multi-factor authentication.

  3. Select Multi-factor authentication and Activate now.

  4. Confirm with strong identification. You need an online bank ID, a Mobile ID or a Certification card.

  5. Create and confirm your pin code. In addition to the pin code, you can enable facial recognition or fingerprint recognition.

In the future, when you log in to OmaPosti with a browser, please confirm the login via the OmaPosti application. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Open the OmaPosti application when the website asks you to confirm your login in the application.

  4. Check that the login ID is the same on the website and in the app.

  5. Confirm login.

  6. Log out of OmaPosti after the session.

Additionally, you can protect OmaPosti with a screen lock when using it on a mobile device. The screen lock can be managed from the device's own settings. You can unlock the screen by entering your device passcode or by using fingerprint recognition or facial recognition. The best way to protect OmaPosti from unauthorized access is to log out of the service after each session.

Protect your device

Do not knowingly breach the information security of your phone (Jailbreak and Root operations)

Protect your device from malware with antivirus and firewall software. Update the software regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Payment in OmaPosti

When paying an invoice in OmaPosti, you must authenticate strongly using your bank's 3DS verification.

Contact Posti's customer service

  • If your phone with OmaPosti installed is stolen

  • If you suspect that your Posti credentials have ended up in the wrong hands.

Phishing messages

Avoid opening emails, email attachments and/or links in them if you are unsure of the sender's reliability or motives.

See Posti's instructions related to phishing messages: Phishing message bulletin 8 October 2020