Code order for Service Channels

We will give you main user rights to the services that you have access to as a contract customer of Posti. We will process requests within 1-3 days. You will receive an invitation email to register as the main user. In this context, you will create an account for yourself.

If your company is not yet a contract customer, we will enter into an agreement with your company in this same context.

If you want to start sending parcels or freight, please contact sales. We will go over your needs together and you can start for example using Omaposti Pro for sending shipments.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required

Company or organization Information

Business ID is mandatory information.

Name of company is mandatory information.

Found on the invoice, six digits without leading zeros.

Mailing address is mandatory information.

Postal code is mandatory information.

City/municipality is a mandatory information.

Read more about invoicing

Bill's mailing address

E-mail invoice

For e-mail invoicing, e-mail address is mandatory.

E-invoice address Consist of a country code (in Finland 0037) and the company's business ID without a hyphen, as well as potential qualifiers (up to 5 characters). The emblem can be checkd from your own e-invoicing operator. For more information, check Corporate Customer Service.

E-invoice operator name is mandatory information.

E-invoicing ID is mandatory information.

Administrator information

Please indicate the person and his/her email address with Authority to sign or Position authorization as per the task of the company so we may informed him/her.

By submitting this form, I certify that I have the right to operate as administrator of the company mentioned above in Posti's Service Channels.

With this form we are only requesting the information we need to process the matter in question. Read more about personal data processing at Posti.