For our business customers

The delivery options of Posti invoices are e-invoice, Invoice via e-mail, or paper invoice.

Freight invoicing to be renewed

The layout of freight invoices will be renewed and the invoice content will undergo changes. Now you can combine your freight contract numbers and other services invoiced by Posti to one invoice. The new invoice will include an itemization of the supplementary services that you have used and the services sent and invoiced with different contract numbers, among other things.

  1. If you want to combine your invoice, notify us here.
  2. Check out the invoice reading instructions.

Read more about the renewal of freight invoicing.

Paper invoice charge

From May 1, 2017, we collect an additional fee of EUR 6.50 per paper invoice. Choose electronic invoices as the preferred invoicing method of your company, to avoid the additional fee and make the handling of invoices more efficient. You can order an electronic or an email-invoice with this form.

Read more about the Paper invoice charge from here.

For our consumer customers

The delivery options of Posti invoices are paper invoice or e-invoice. The e-invoice service requires that you are a contract customer and make an e-invoice contract in your online bank.