Notification of change of address

You should submit a notification of change of address or order mail redirection services in good time for your mail to be delivered to the right address starting from the desired date.

You may notify a change of address to Posti and/or the Local Register Office. You may submit a notification of yourself and your family members moving with you on the Internet and by telephone.


Notification of change of address to local register offices and Posti is made in Posti’s online service where you can also update your other contact details with Posti.

You can log into the service using your online bank ID, a Posti user ID or an identity card with a chip.

» Submit a notification of change of address and update your contact details

By phone

You may submit a notification of change of address by telephone by calling 0295 535 535 (local/mobile call rate) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Queuing is subject to a charge.

If you are moving abroad from Finland or moving to Finland from abroad, you must submit the notification online or using the form.

With a form

You can get the form from Posti or the local register office.

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Company’s change of address

You may submit a company'’s or organization’'s change of address, order mail redirection service and address notification using Posti’'s online service:

» Company's change of address

Good to know

Organisations which automatically update your address are linked below:
» Via Posti
» Via the Population
Register Centre