Change of address

Inform us of your change of address as soon as you know you will be moving house. In this way, you can ensure your mail is delivered to the correct address immediately after the move.

The easiest way to change your address is through our website. You can log in to the service using online bank credentials, Posti username or an ID card with a chip.

Make a change of address notification

  • On the basis of a change of address, we are under a statutory obligation to forward letter items and universal service parcels (postal parcels) arrived at the former address, unless otherwise agreed with the sender.
  • Please note that publications are not forwarded solely on the basis of a change of address.
  • In connection with a change of address, you can order a comprehensive forwarding service, i.e. Move Mail Service.


A change of address on behalf of another person can only be made with the form. A change of address for an under-15-year-old moving alone is always made with the form and signed by his/her guardians.


Moving abroad

When you move abroad, we forward regular 1st and 2nd class letter items up to 50 grams to your address abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or handled as undeliverable items. A change of address when moving abroad can be made on our website or with a change of address notification form available at the nearest Posti outlet.