Postcard over the web

Lähetä aito kortti netistä

Use an image of your choice, write a message and hit send. There can be one or hundreds of recipients. An online postcard is an extremely easy way to send a personalized note.  An online postcard is an extremely easy way to send a personalized note.

Cards from 2,35 €.

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Delivery time

In Finland, postcards sent over the Web are generally delivered on the business day following the order, when the order has been placed by 12 noon on a business day.

When addressed overseas, postcards are delivered as priority letter.


You can customize a card from a picture of your own or select one from our wide range of options.

The options include a straight or folded card. The size of a single page of both a straight and a folded card is 16.8 cm x 11.9 cm. Folded cards are sent in an envelope. The cards are printed on white paper (300 g).

You can choose to send the card immediately or to set a future mailing date. 


Customers of Posti's electronic services are eligible for a 15% discount on cards. You need to log in to get the discount.

Price for Posti customers
Price fot others
Straight card 2,35 € 2,80 €
Folded card 2,70 € 3,20 €

Card prices include postage all over the world.

Payment Methods

Online banks and credit cards.

Delivery Terms

The postcard will be prepared to your order and cannot be cancelled after payment.