Posti application

Use our most popular services handily on your smartphone or tablet. Posti application includes Item tracking and Netposti. You can also send real postcards from your phone easily.

Posti app: track sent and arriving items and use Netposti

Download Posti's mobile application and use Posti's services wherever you go. The application can be downloaded to iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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The application includes the following features

  • Item tracking: track sent and arriving items. The application automatically tells you when the item's status changes.
  • An estimate of the item's arrival time.
  • Parcel sending: fill in the necessary information, pay online and leave the parcel at a Posti outlet.
  • Services on a map view: find the nearest Posti outlets, Parcel Points and mailboxes based on address or your location.
  • Postal code search: find a forgotten postal code.
  • Send a postcard: send a real postcard featuring your own photo. Posti will print the card for you.
  • Netposti*: read letters and publications on your phone.
  • Address Book: keep addresses in one place and up-to-date, remember important dates.
  • Parcel routing*: routes your parcel to the Posti service point of your choice.
  • Mail redirection*: make a change of address notification or order temporary mail redirection services-for instance, mail delivery interruption.

Operation marked with an *asterisk require log in using Posti username.

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Postcard application: send real postcard from your phone

Sending a mobile postcard only takes a moment and is a great way to make a friend happy, no matter where you are.

Download application to your iOS- or Android-devices.

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