Customer returns

Information about return terms is shown in the delivery terms of each online store. When ordering an item, it is a good idea to check what kind of terms apply to the potential return of the product. The online store is not obligated to pay return costs. Please note that the store must always be informed of the cancellation of the transaction. Not picking up the parcel is not considered a cancellation. Items not picked up will be returned to the sender after the storage period on the basis of the sender details on the item.

There are three ways to return an item:

1. Return a parcel with the Helposti code. If the parcel was not accompanied by an address label for return, you can check here whether you can return the item that you received from an online store free of charge. Enter the item ID of your parcel in the field below, the letters JJFI are always capitalized. Click "Search" to check whether your parcel has free return and read the return instructions.

2. The item is accompanied by an address label for return. Attach the address label on the parcel and drop off the parcel at a Posti service point without waiting in line. Leave the parcel at a place reserved for prepaid items or alternatively leave it at the counter.

3. Return a thin and light item by dropping it off in a mailbox. If the item to be returned is less than 3 cm thick and weighs under 2 kg, you can drop it off in a mailbox along with the text "ASIAKASPALAUTUS" or "PALAUTUS". Indicate the addressee's contract number on the item if you know it.