Receiving items

Pakettiautomaatti on kätevä tapa vastaanottaa paketteja

Select how you want to receive your items: Pick up point, postal outlet or home delivery.


Buy more storage time for parcels to be picked up at a Posti outlet

You can buy more storage time for your parcel by logging in to Posti online services via the Item Tracking and Routing page. Click on the "Buy an extension for the storage period" icon. The icon will only be displayed if it is possible to buy more storage time for the parcel. The parcel must be shelved at a Posti outlet before the storage period can be extended.

The price of the service starts from EUR 5 (5 days), and EUR 1 per day is charged for extra days. The storage period can be extended to a maximum of 28 days. The minimum storage period extension is 5 days

Buy home delivery for a parcel at a Posti Outlet

You can buy home delivery for your parcel by logging in to Posti online services via the Item Tracking and Routing page. Click on the "Buy Home Delivery" icon. The icon will only be displayed if it is possible to buy home delivery for the parcel. The parcel must be shelved at a Posti outlet before home delivery can be bought.

The price of the service is EUR 11.

Receiving an oversized item

Enter the item tracking code in Posti's Item Tracking. The service to be used is shown at "Transport Services" in the item information.

Home delivery and Posti Express Freight Evening 21 delivered indoors at the home address

Delivery indoors requires unhindered access and that the weight of an individual package (parcel) does not exceed 85 kg. Packages weighing more than 85 kg pose an occupational safety risk for drivers, so they are unloaded at a location indicated by the recipient, in the immediate vicinity of Posti's vehicle.

When the sender has delivered an item for transportation by Posti, we will contact the recipient within 1-2 weekdays. We agree on the delivery time either by phone or a text message. Items are delivered to recipients on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Evening deliveries are possible in large cities. The driver calls you before delivery to make sure that you are present to accept the item.

Posti Freight and Posti Express Freight are transported to the yard of the delivery address without delivery indoors

We will deliver the item according to the delivery schedule on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. We will contact the recipient in order to agree on the delivery time. The service includes delivering the item to the address indicated on the transport document in the immediate vicinity of Posti's vehicle. The basic service does not include delivery indoors or unloading the item from the transport or product package. The recipient must order any supplementary services in connection with purchasing the product.

If the recipient wants to order item delivery or delivery indoors later on after 4 p.m. (if possible in the postal code area), they must ask for this from the sender. If this suits the sender and Posti can implement the change, the sender must request a change to the service from Posti.

Delivery in the evening or indoors cannot always be implemented on the following weekday.

Receive parcels wherever you like

With Posti's My Pickup Point service you can select where to pick up your parcels. The service is free of charge.

How to activate the service:

  1. Sign into My Pickup Point service using your Posti username
  2. Enter your mobile phone number
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and approve your basic information
  4. Select the desired pickup point using the postal code, for example.

The service will then be available to you. You can change the pickup location as often as you want.

How to use the service in online stores

With Posti's My Pickup Point Service you can choose where to collect parcels you ordered from an online store. For the service you should always select the parcel terminal you would most like to use. The service works for the majority of parcels with "Posti" selected as the delivery type. For example, part of incoming international parcels will be routed to the selected parcel terminal (pickup point), but depending on the delivery type used by the online store, not all of them. This is due to the fact that, especially with parcels from abroad, the delivery type may be different from Economy parcel. Also, some parcels sent by cash customers i.e. consumers are routed using this service.

Receiving via Parcel Point

When your item has came to parcel point, we send you a sms.

1. You get a text message which has the locker opening code

You will receive a text message notification when your parcel arrives at the parcel point of your choice. Do not delete the message, you will need it when you pick up your parcel. The parcel will be stored in the parcel point for seven days after arrival.

2. Select "Pickup" at the parcel point

Enter the code which is included in the text message. The parcel point indicates the location of the locker. Press the "Avaa lokero" button and the locker will open.

3. The locker opens

Take your shipment from the locker and carefully shut the door.

Pick up from a postal outlet

If your item is delivered to a postal outlet, you can pick it up from there with notice of arrival. The item is delivered against signature. The recipient must be prepared to to verify his or her identity.

The power of attorney

The power of attorney delivered to Posti must specifically concern receiving of mail, and the persons authorized to collect the mail must be named. Handing over valuable mail items (registered letters or parcels, letters with advice of delivery, insured items) to someone other than the recipient requires a power of attorney from the recipient. Use proxy.  With the additional service the handing over of an item can be restricted only to the natural person who has been indicated as the recipient. In this case, the item will not be handed over to a person with a proxy.

Home delivery ordering

You can order home delivery for your item from a Posti shop. The price is 11 € for 1-5 parcels and 19 € for 6-10 parcels (incl. moms.) Make a home delivery order.

Import Clearance

All goods that arrive from outside the EU must be cleared through customs. If the item is duty-free, Posti will be deliver it at your address or to the closest postal outlet. Incoming goods from outside the EU must be declared to customs if their value exceeds € 22 or, in the case of items sent as gifts, € 45. Customs calculates the duties, value added tax and any other charges to be paid for the goods. The commodity code under which the goods are classified determines the amount of duties to be paid. You get an arrival notification.

The goods must be declared and the taxes paid within 20 days of arrival. If the customs declaration has not been paid by the end of the storage period, the item will be returned. The storage period of items cannot be extended. The item will be delivered at your address or to the closest postal outlet free of charge after the customs declaration.

You may apply for exemption for items that do not require customs declaration at the address (submit the order confirmation or description of the gift and its value and the arrival ID).