Mail forwarding

By ordering a fixed-term forwarding of mail items, you can receive your mail during your holiday, and by ordering a delivery interruption, you can ensure that your mail will be safely stored. Inform us of your change of address as soon as you know you will be moving house.

Please note that changes made in mail delivery will only be transmitted to Posti. Other delivery companies are not using the Posti address information system at the moment to update their address details.

Fixed-term Mail Forwarding

By ordering a fixed-term forwarding of mail items, you can receive your mail for example during holiday to address you want.

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  • Service is subject to a charge, see prices
  • You will receive addressed postal items (letters, publications, bulk letters) that have been addressed to your permanent address at a different address, e.g. summer house, for a fixed period.
  • We deliver mail to a mailbox at your holiday address with no extra charge (see Nearby Mailbox at summer home), provided that the mailbox is located next to the mailboxes of year-round residents.
  • Home-delivery items and parcels are not included in the service.
  • Only 1st and 2nd class letters are forwarded abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or handled as undeliverable items.
  • After the fixed period, your mail will be automatically directed to your permanent address.
  • Agree on the forwarding of a newspaper directly with the customer service of the newspaper.
  • When you wish to interrupt the delivery advertisements for the duration of your holiday, attach a No Advertisements notification to your mail slot or mailbox.
  • When calculating the duration of a service, the start and end dates of the service are included in the validity of the service.

Example: The period selected for mail forwarding is July 7 - July 15, 2015 (Mon-Wed). Forwarding starts on Monday, July 6, and you will receive mail at your cottage, for instance, on Tuesday. Mail is still forwarded on the next Tuesday and delivered to the fixed-term address on Wednesday, July 15. However, the mail for Wednesday is no longer forwarded but it is delivered to the original address with Thursday's mail, and the service ends.

Order a fixed-term mail forwarding

Order a Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home

When you make an agreement on fixed-term mail forwarding, you can also agree on the Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service. In this service, we deliver mail to a mail slot, a mailbox or another location other than that specified in the delivery plan. Make the agreement in the web services or by calling our customer service. The Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service is subject to a charge.

My Pickup Point

With Posti's My Pickup Point service you can choose where to collect parcels you ordered from an online store. For the service you should always select the parcel terminal you would most like to use.

Mail Delivery Interruption

Make sure your mail is stored safely during your holiday by requesting mail delivery interruption. We will store your mail and you can pick it up at your own postal outlet after the holiday.

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  • This service is subject to a charge. It is available for a minimum period of one week and a maximum period of two months.
  • Mail accumulated during the interruption period can be picked up at your nearest postal outlet on the second business day after the interruption period. Mail items are not delivered for collection during the service.
  • Please note that during the interruption period, we will return items requiring signature and items with a notice of arrival to senders pursuant to the storage periods specified in Posti Ltd's general terms of delivery or on demand of the sender.
  • Ordinary items are stored at postal outlets for 14 days after the interruption period. If the items are not picked up, they are returned to the senders.
  • The service is personal to you. When ordering, please provide us details of all the persons (e.g. family members) who are affected by the interruption.
  • When you wish to interrupt the delivery advertisements for the duration of your holiday, attach a No Advertisements notification to your mail slot or mailbox.

Order a mail delivery interruption

Parallel Address

If you wish to receive mail at an address other than your permanent or fixed-term address, make a parallel address notification.

  • The service does not include forwarding, and a change of address cannot be made from one parallel address to another.
  • We deliver the item according to the address indicated by the sender.
  • The easiest way to make a parallel address notification is through our website.
  • The service is free of charge

Make a parallel address notification

Order services

The easiest way to order services are through our website. You can log in to the service using online bank credentials, Posti username or an ID card with a chip. You can shorten the duration of an active service in the web services.

When you place an order of a service subject to a charge online, a free-of-charge electronic mailbox Netposti is opened for you, if you don't already have one. In Netposti you will receive messages about your order and a confirmation electronically. In Netposti, you can receive letters that you would otherwise receive in a printed format. Examples include bills, pay slips, letters from the authorities or a message from your local health center. In Netposti, the letter looks exactly the same as a regular printed letter does, but it remains safe and is easier to archive. Read more about Netposti.

Order Cancellation

If you need to cancel your order, plese use this form.