Tracking and routing items

You can track the shipment either on Posti's open website or by logging in to your own services. By logging in to the service, you will receive an automatic notification of your incoming and outgoing parcels to the telephone number you have confirmed. You can also easily change the pickup point of your parcel when viewing incoming items.

Here is how you can take your own pickup point into use

  1. Log in to the service with your Posti username
  2. Enter your mobile phone number
  3. Accept the terms and conditions of the service and your basic information
  4. Select the desired pickup location using the postal code, for example.

The service will then be available to you. You can change the pickup location or take the service out of use when you want. Start using the service.

Online store items to a pickup point of your choice

In an online store, select "Pickup from a postal outlet" as the delivery type and we will direct your parcel to your preferred pickup location free of charge. Some incoming international parcels will also be redirected to the selected pickup point, but not all. This depends on the delivery type used by the online store. Please note that some of the supplementary services selected by the sender for the parcel can also prevent redirection of the parcel, because the service cannot be implemented using a Parcel Point. An example of this is the Registration supplementary service. If you move to another location, you will automatically receive a notification from Posti about updating your pickup point. If a pickup point, such as a Posti outlet or Parcel Point is no longer available, your redirection service will be terminated and you will be informed about this by e-mail.

Mobile Item Tracking

You can also track items using a mobile application.

Download application