Information about return terms can be found in the delivery terms of each online store. When ordering an item, it is a good idea to check what kind of terms apply to the potential return of the product. Posti offers its business customers the Customer Return product which makes it possible to return items like before. This means that the parcel to be returned can be left in the nearest mailbox or postal outlet to be delivered by mail at the expense of the online retailer. If the seller of the product offers Posti’s Customer Return, you will always receive a receipt for the return when you bring a return to a postal outlet. In addition to the address, the text “Asiakaspalautus” and the addressee’s contract number must be written on the return envelope or parcel. In the future, the store must always be informed of the cancellation of the transaction. Not picking up the parcel no longer suffices as a cancellation.


The amendment to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act that entered into force on June 13, 2014, changed the return practice rules for items ordered from online stores. Previously, the seller always had to pay for the item return costs and items to be returned could be left free of charge to be delivered by mail. As of June 13, 2014, online stores have not been obligated to pay return costs.


If the item to be returned weighs less than 2 kg (a letter), you can drop it off in a mailbox (only items that are less than 3 cm thick) furnished with the text “ASIAKASPALAUTUS” or “PALAUTUS". Indicate the addressee’s contract number on the item if you know it. When you wish to get a receipt for your return, take the item to a postal outlet.

The maximum dimensions of a letter customer return are the same as those of a Maxi letter:

- length + width + thickness combined no more than 900 mm; however, the maximum length is 600 mm

- for cylinder-shaped items, the length + the diameter x 2 should be no more than 1,040 mm, with a maximum length of 900 mm.


If the item to be returned weighs more than 2 kg (a parcel), take it to a postal outlet and fill out the Asiakaspalautus 14 address label. You will receive one part of the label as a receipt. In some cases, the original sender has already attached an address label to the item.

Returning with a Parcel Point

You can return a parcel you picked up at a Parcel Point within 14 days of the pick-up. You can return the item to any Parcel Point with the same code that you used when picking it up. You can also return the item to any Posti outlet. If the parcel return period has expired and you wish to return the parcel, contact the company where you ordered the parcel.

Uncollected parcels will be returned to the sender

The storage period for parcels delivered to Parcel Points is seven days. The storage period for parcel items delivered to outlets is the week of arrival at the postal outlet plus two full calendar weeks. If the item is not picked up, it will be returned to the sender after the storage period on the basis of the sender details on the item.