Contract Terms for Mail Forwarding Services (Households)


These terms shall be applied between Posti Oy (hereinafter referred to as Posti) and the consumer customer (hereinafter referred to as the Mail Recipient). The mail forwarding services refer to forwarding of addressed mail deliveries, interruption of delivery as well as change and maintenance services of customer's address and other contact details. Item 4 of these terms and conditions shall also apply to the unaddressed mail delivered by Posti.


2.1 Address information system

Posti shall save the contact details and changes in contact details informed by the Mail Recipient as well as information on the services specified in section 1 and ordered by the customer in the Address information system.  The Address Information System is used for communication and attending to services related thereto, i.e. postal services under the Postal Act as well as the production of services to the message senders and recipients related to sending, controlling, transferring, and receiving packages, goods deliveries, magazines and other physical deliveries as well as e-mail messages, text messages, phone calls, and other electronic messages. Posti also has a right to save the customers' social security numbers in the Address information system. A social security number is required to distinguish between people with the same name. The social security numbers are also used to ensure the reliability and controllability of the system as well as the accuracy of Posti's mail communication services. Posti will not release social security numbers. Furthermore, Posti will not release target groups to direct marketing campaigns. Direct marketing by different companies can be prohibited by notifying the prohibition directly to the companies in question. In addition, a direct marketing ban can be made to the Finnish Direct Marketing Association concerning its member companies.

Posti has a statutory duty to release name and address information as well as information on effective mandates for changes in delivery on request to other postal companies. Posti will also release information contained in the Address Information System to authorities with a statutory right to obtain such information.

Customer information for Posti's services contained in the Address Information System shall be handled pursuant to the Personal Data Act to manage, analyze and develop Posti's customer relationships, for invoicing, reporting as well as for informing and marketing of products and services of companies belonging to the Posti Group Corporation as well as for market research as described in the data protection report.

2.2 Contact Information Maintenance and Updating Services

Posti shall update the new contact details of the mail recipients in the corporate and community senders' mailing registers, which contain information on the mail recipients, unless the mail recipients prohibit Posti from doing so. The senders must have an agreement for services with Posti. It is the sender´s responsibility to ensure that the correct address is used in the deliveries.

When the mail recipient prohibits the use of his/her contact details in the maintenance and updating services, Posti will stop forwarding the revised contact details, but will not remove the contact details already retained by the senders.

Posti will only update private individual´s contact details on other private individuals subject to consent by the registered party in Posti´s Well-Wisher´s Address Book - service. 


 3.1 Change of Address (change of a permanent address)

As a result of a change of address notification by the mail recipient, Posti will redirect letter deliveries and postal parcels (general service package*) free of charge to the mail recipient's new address unless otherwise agreed with the sender.

A permanent address refers to the mail recipient's primary postal address valid until further notice (usually the home address).

3.2 Move Mail service

The Move Mail Service is a service subject to a fee that can be ordered in connection with change of address. In this service Posti will forward all addressed mail items arriving at the old address (letters, publications and bulk letters) and postal parcels (general service packages) to your new address at the speed of a First Class letter for the duration of time ordered by the mail recipient.

Home delivery items and parcel delivery items by companies are not included in the service.

Letter items weighing up to 250 grams will be forwarded abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or processed as undeliverable.

3.3 Fixed-term Forwarding of Mail Items

In fixed-term forwarding, Posti will forward all addressed mail items (letters, publications and bulk letters) and postal parcels (general service packages) delivered in the basic delivery from the mail recipient's permanent address to a new target address informed by the mail recipient for the validity period of the service. Home delivery items and parcel delivery items by companies are not included in the service. After the expiry of the fixed-period ordered by the mail recipient, the delivery items will not be forwarded anymore, instead they will be delivered to the address marked on the item.

Fixed-term forwarding is a service subject to a fee. The service is only sold for a predetermined fixed-period of a minimum of a seven (7) days inclusive of weekends and public holidays. The duration of the period cannot be extended, instead a new service shall be ordered. As an exception, the duration of an ongoing service can be shortened by notifying Posti´s customer services. However, the service charge is non-refundable.

A temporary redirection will not change the permanent postal address entered in the Address Information System. If an expiry date has not been specified for the order, the service shall remain in force or a period of two (2) months.

Letter items weighing up to 250 grams will be forwarded abroad. Other items will be returned to the sender or processed as undeliverable.

3.4 Parallel address

In order to facilitate accurate delivery, the mail recipient can notify Posti of several addresses (for example, the address of another apartment or a work address) in addition to the permanent address, if the mail recipient concurrently receives deliveries to several addresses. Only those delivery items will be delivered to the parallel address that the sender has addressed to the address in question. A change of address cannot be made from one parallel address to another and mail forwarding is not included in the notification of parallel address.

3.5 General redirection terms

A change of address or other forwarding service for a private individual cannot be implemented, if the starting address is a corporate postal code or a P.O. Box address.

From Finland letter items of up to 50 grams and on the basis of the Move Mail Service of up to 250 grams shall be redirected abroad on the basis of change of address, unless agreed with the sender that the delivery item is not to be forwarded. A customs declaration has to be attached to parcels and maxi letters (goods deliveries) to be sent abroad and thus parcels and maxi letters will be returned to the sender in Finland.

The mail redirection services from abroad to Finland are delivered by the postal services in the country of departure pursuant to the agreement between the customer and the postal services of the country of departure. Permanent or fixed-term change of address from abroad to Finland shall be notified to the postal services of the country of departure. It is advisable to also inform Finland Post of the new address.   

3.6 The Åland Islands

Posten Åland Ab (the Åland Post) shall be responsible for deliveries and services in the Åland Islands pursuant to its own terms of delivery and goods shipment as well as pursuant to the provincial legislation in effect at any given time on Åland Post and postal services. Domestic service terms shall apply to deliveries to the Åland Islands sent or forwarded from elsewhere in Finland, exclusive of maxi letters and parcels, which require cunstoms declaration.

Finland Post´s liability for the deliveries ceases the moment it has released the deliveries to the possession of Åland Post. Correspondingly, in respect of deliveries sent from the Åland Islands to elsewhere in Finland or abroad, the liability of Finland Post commences the moment Åland Post has released the deliveries in its possession.

Finland Post shall be entitled to disclose information of a customer´s move to the Åland Islands or from the Åland Islands to Åland Post.


4.1 Interruption of Delivery

The customer can interrupt the delivery of all addressed or non-addressed delivery items to be delivered in the basic delivery to his/her address for a fixed-period of seven (7) days to two (2) months. The service cannot be continued without interruption. After the termination of the originally ordered period of interruption the mail will be delivered for collection even if the sevice had been re-ordered from the termination of the initial service period.

If an expiry date has not been specified in the order, the service shall remain in force for a period of fourteen (14) days.

4.2 Storage of Deliveries

During the interruption Posti will retain all delivery items addressed to the customer to be delivered in basic delivery at the postal delivery outlet. Signed deliveries (Registered letter and proof of receipt, insured shipment/item and parcels to be collected) shall be returned to senders during the interruption period pursuant to the general storage periods specified in Posti Oy´s general terms of delivery or on demand of the sender.

4.3 Collection of Deliveries

Deliveries can be collected from the postal outlet for the interruption address from the second business day following the expiry of the fixed-period at the earliest. Collection of deliveries during the interruption has to be separately agreed upon with Posti. The deliveries can be delivered for collection during the service at the earliest in two (2) weekdays after contact by the customer. If the deliveries are not collected after the expiry of the interruption period, Posti shall retain them for the period pursuant to Posti Oy's general terms of delivery, after which Posti shall return them to the senders or process such items pursuant to the Postal Act and Posti Oy's general terms of delivery as undeliverable mail items.

For an additional fee or on separate order, the mail items gathered during the interruption period can be forwarded for collection at another outlet than the service order outlet.

4.4 If a private individual registers a change of address to an address, which contains a corporate postal code or P.O. Box service in a company name, Posti cannot subsequently use such an address in the customer's interruption of delivery service.


5.1 Commencement of the Service

The services referred to in these terms can commence at the earliest after three (3) complete working days (Mon-Fri) from when the change of address form was submitted for delivery by Posti. If the service order was made online or by telephone, the delivery time is two (2) complete working days. The same delivery times shall apply to all amendments of the services as apply to the commencement of the service. If the information provided by the mail recipient submitted is incomplete, incorrect or contradictory, Posti cannot guarantee the commencement of the service at the set time or the operation of the service.

5.2 Cancellation of the Service

The customer can cancel the service referred to in these terms and conditions using Posti's telephone service. However, cancellation cannot be made after commencement of the service. Posti shall commence preparatory measures two (2) weekdays prior to the commencement of the service, in other words, cancellation has to be made at the latest two (2) complete weekdays prior to commencement of the service. The service fee shall be refunded in case of exercising the right to cancel. In other circumstances the service fees shall not be refunded or transferred to another service.


6.1 The mail redirection services referred to in these terms and conditions are address-specific. The management services for electronic contact information are personal. The service charge is service order- specific. The prices are pursuant to Posti's price lists valid at any given time.

6.2 Posti shall pay compensation for the loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of delivery items at most pursuant to the maximum compensation amounts specified in the legislation concerning mail deliveries or other transport operations valid at any given time and/or Posti Oy's general delivery terms. Posti's liability with respect to the sender terminates once the delivery items have reached the delivery outlet determined according to the original address.


*General service package, referred to in the Postal Act, is a parcel of up to 10 kg each (Postal parcel-product) or a parcel of up to 20 kg each arriving from abroad that has been paid in cash and is to be collected from the office or outlet.