Import clearance of incoming mail shipments

Incoming goods from outside the EU must be declared to customs if their value exceeds EUR 22.00 or, in the case of items sent as gifts, EUR 45.00. The goods must be declared and the taxes paid within 20 days of arrival. If the customs declaration has not been paid by the end of the storage period, the item will be returned. The storage period of items cannot be extended.

You may apply for exemption for items that do not require customs declaration at the address (submit the order confirmation or description of the gift and its value and the arrival ID).

The item will be delivered at your address or to the closest postal outlet free of charge after the customs declaration.

The customs declaration can be made

1. Through the free online customs declaration service at > "Tullaa netissĂ€" (in Finnish). Customs will assist you with the customs declaration of postal parcels at +358 (0)295 5206.

More information on customs declaration is also available at > Private customers > Shopping online > How to clear your goods.

2. By authorizing Posti Ltd to declare your item to customs. The service will be priced according to the service price list, and any customs fees and taxes will be added to the invoice.

See the prices at Consumer Customers/Business Customers, or contact the Posti Customer Service. Send the customs declaration assignment and the necessary documents via e-mail at, by fax at +358 (0)20 452 8877 or via mail at Posti Oy/ Huolinta, PL 611, 00011 Posti (Posti Ltd / Forwarding, P.O. Box 611, FI-00011 Posti).

Further information +358 20 451 5900. Posti Ltd will send you an invoice for the forwarding costs, customs fees and taxes. The customs declaration decision will be appended to the invoice. The customs declaration assignment must be sent to Posti at least two days prior to the return date specified in the notice.

Addressee/Personal identity number or business ID 
Description of content
Telephone and e-mail

Documents and information needed in customs clearance:

  • commercial invoice/confirmation/payment receipt                                                                    
  • personal identity number or business ID
  • description of the content of the shipment 

In addition, the following documents may be needed:

  • export clearance decision (return items)
  • Pro forma invoice
  • certificate of origin