COD shipment inquiry request

Clarification work concerning COD shipments

The customer is entitled to request Posti Oy to carry out clarification work within a reasonable time from the time a COD shipment is mailed. If the customer does not provide the necessary information for the work, the work cannot be performed.

Service price

Unnecessary clarification work concerning a COD shipment is subject to the clarification work specified in the valid price list and a possible additional fee for a small invoice.

Preconditions for inquiry

If the person filing the complaint knows the necessary information for the clarification work

  • and the tracking ID that itemizes the shipment
  • the name and address details of the sender and the recipient
  • COD payment information (sum, bank account number and reference number),

The quickest way is to submit an inquiry request using the attached form.

If detailed COD shipment information is not available, or it is not possible to use the COD inquiry request form, the customer may contact Posti's customer service.

The person submitting a COD shipment inquiry request will be answered by phone, mail or e-mail. The answer indicates the outcome of the clarification work and any corrective action, on a shipment-specific basis.