If your letter is furnished with the addressee’s up-to-date and complete name and address information,it will reach the addressee quickly and accurately.

Only fill in the address field with a name and address ─ never things such as advertising slogans. Customer numbers or other IDs must be placed above the recipient’s name.

Addressing items posted to Finland

Address information should be divided into the following five lines:

  1. Addressee
  2. Supplement to the addressee’s name (organisational unit, department, office, processed by, occupant of the apartment, c/o etc.)
  3. Spare line
  4. Exact delivery address (street address, P.O. Box, poste restante, etc.)
  5. Postal code and town/city in block capitals.

Between each line there should be a basic line space. Put a space between the different parts of each line and leave out empty lines. Generally the maximum length of each line is 30 characters.

Oy Company Ltd
Marketing Department
Asta Anderson
P.O. Box 74
06151 PORVOO

Addressing items sent internationally

The destination country's practices determine how address information should be written on international letters. The name of the country should always be written in BLOCK CAPITALS.

When you give your address to someone living abroad or send mail from abroad to Finland, add the code FI- in front of the postal code and write FINLAND or FINLANDE below it.

How do I write a foreign address? See the country-specific instructions.


The addressee’s name comprises:

  • A private person’s first name (or abbreviation thereof) and last name and possible title or profession (to be written in front of the name).
  • An independent entrepreneur’s business name.
  • The name of a company, institution, organisation or authority.

Abbreviating a name

  • For private persons, abbreviations should be restricted to the first name.
  • For companies and organisations, either an official or otherwise well-known abbreviation of the name may be used or the name should be abbreviated in accordance with general spelling rules.

The delivery address comprises:

  • In urban areas, the name of the street or road, house number and possible letter, staircase identifier and flat number (separated by spaces).
  • In rural areas, the name of the road and number of the building.
  • Post office box number (e.g. P.O. Box 123) without exception if the addressee is using a post office box.
  • Special addresses, e.g. Poste restante
    Aulikki Laakso
    Poste restante
    00630 HELSINKI

The use of abbreviations in address information should be avoided. If abbreviating is necessary due to lack of space, use standard abbreviations. E.g. katu = k, kuja = kj, kylä = kl, polku = p, tie = t, street = st, avenue = av

Postal code and town/city (post office)

A postal code is integral to each address. The postal code is marked in front of the name of the town/city (post office).

For post office box addresses, the last digit of the postal code is always one (1).

Oy Company Ltd
P.O. Box 74
85501 NIVALA

For competition replies, it is possible to acquire a special competition address (e.g. 00002 HELSINKI). The use of such an address is subject to prior agreement with Posti.

Reply items will be routed to the correct address as agreed.

Oy Company Ltd
Code 50XXXXX