Mobile postcard delivery terms

1. Provider

Posti Ltd (Posti)
Street address: Postintaival 7 A, 00230 HELSINKI, FINLAND, mailing address: PO Box 1, 00011 POSTI, FINLAND.
Business ID 0109357-9.
Service inquiries:

2. Conclusion and Annulment of the Agreement

The Provider starts to provide the Service once the Customer has paid the order. The Agreement cannot be annulled if the Customer has paid for the Service.

3. Processing of Customer's Personal Data

When the Customer sends the postcard, their personal data and the information required to implement the service are stored in the Consumer Customer Register of Posti. The register information is used as described in the register specification Information on registered customers is stored in the Customer Database (register specification).

4. Delivery time

The card is sent on the day chosen by the Customer and delivered to a recipient in Finland generally on the fourth weekday from the dispatch day; cards to all countries abroad are delivered with the speed of a Priority letter.

5. Immaterial rights to the card

Posti shall not monitor material produced, sent, conveyed or otherwise processed when utilizing the Services, nor shall it be responsible for any illegal or offensive contents of such material. The Customer is responsible for not producing, sending, storing or otherwise handling any material that infringes copyright or other rights, good practices, laws or official regulations by using the Services. Violations may result in an obligation to compensate for the damage or loss caused thereby, and may lead to penal sanctions.

The Customer is responsible for taking care that when using photos of private persons, the person in question has given permission to use the photo in the Service.

The Customer is responsible for the contents and form of the material sent with or via the Services or otherwise handled in the Services. Before using the material, the Customer must check that the material is not in violation of these Terms of Use or any instructions given by Posti and that the material does not contain computer viruses or other characteristics that might cause damage. The Customer shall be responsible for not introducing into the Services any material that contains viruses or other harmful features, and for not spreading or otherwise handling in a detrimental manner any such material.

If the content supplied by the Customer is inappropriate or illegal, Posti is not obligated to implement the Service.

The Service uses Google Fonts.

6. Other terms

Finnish law shall be applicable to these delivery terms. Any disputes shall be settled in the District Court of Helsinki, or should the Consumer Customer so desire, in the District Court of his/her domicile. If the Customer is not domiciled in Finland, disputes shall be settled in the District Court of Helsinki. The Consumer Customer may also submit disputes to the Consumer Complaint Board. Contact information Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306, 00531 HELSINKI, telephone +358 29 566 5200,